Enable Spell Check in Jabber Client

This worked for me, i can’t guarantee it’ll work for you

My company uses Cisco Jabber for their chat and softphone client.  I noticed that the new 10.5 client running on Windows 8 allows spellcheck.  Since my spelling is not exactly excellent, i found this to be a wanted feature.    However it seems that my company did not have it enabled by default in the backend.  Here is how to change it for your client.

  • Close Jabber if it is running.
  • Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\Cisco Jabber
  • Open the “jabber-config-defaults.xml” file.
  • Add <userconfig name=”spell_check_enabled” value=”TRUE”/> to the <!–Options –> section of the file.
  • Save the file.  (I had to change permissions to the jabber folder to allow my user to save there)
  • Open Jabber.  You will now the the red “squiggly” line when you spell poorly, and are able to right-click for options.

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