First General Session

The first VMworld Keynote is now over.  There has been a lot of really interesting information presented this morning.  VMware has announced information around their business approaches, recommendations to the community at large as well as some cool product announcements.

They started off the session with some neat looking dancers that was quite different.  The CMO then began to discuss the Golden Gate Bridge and how it was revolutionary when it was conceptualized and built.  She then talked about how building bridges between products and areas of technology are important, as are pushing the traditional boundaries.  Change is always happening and it’s not a scary thing.  They continued this theme throughout the entire presentation.

As an engineer who works for a company that is always changing internally, as well as somebody who works at customers sites typically deploying platforms and solutions that will cause a lot of change for the customer, i couldn’t agree more that change is a good thing.  Yes it can be scary, but in this industry the minute you stop moving, your out of date.

VMware’s big announcement is EVO.  It is their hyper-converged platform, bringing compute, storage and virtualization into one unifiying platform.  This is the previously rumored MARVIN product.  They are using various compute hardware that runs VSAN for storage and NSX for networking.  The first release is EVO:Rail, this is targeted at Medium businesses.  There are a variety of hardware vendors that have partnered up with EVO:RAIL, interestingly enough both HP and Cisco are NOT one of the partners.

They have also released vCloud Suite 5.8 along with vCloud Air.  vCloud Air is the newest version of vCHS.  It has a lot of increased functionality over vCHS and is something that is pretty intriguing.  It is currently in Beta and actually available right now using minute billing.

They also then had a few customer talks which were pretty neat.    Anyway there is more to come around these topics.  For now i’ll post a few links to more information.


vCloud Air


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