Good Morning Its Day 2 of VMWorld

Morning all.  It is a very nice Tuesday morning (even though i keep thinking it is Wednesday).  Today should yield some big news around the End User Computing space.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what will be announced.

If you haven’t hit any of the hands on labs, i recommend going as soon as you can.  The lines can be a bit long but they have some really neat ones so i’m told.  I will be hitting a bunch later.

I also recommend visiting the vendors in the Solutions Exchange.  Today is a good day to actually get some excellent information from them, instead of just grabbing a ton of Swag.  🙂   I’ve been really impressed with some new technology and innovations from Vendors that i normally would not have really given a second look at.

Tonight there is a bunch of parties and events.  I’d look here, VMworld Gatherings.

Now onto the General Session

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