Hands-On Labs at VMworld 2015

I have to say, this year the Hands on Labs are by far the best that they have been in years.  If you haven’t had a change to get to them i REALLY recommend them.

One thing that was really really nice is the labs are crazy comprehensive this year.  In fact most of them are impossible to finish in the 90 minutes allotted for your lab session.  All of the labs are made of a various modules.  In each of the ones i have done, these modules can all be done independently.  For example, i did a “Troubleshooting vSphere 6” lab where the beginning were basics and then it got into some pretty deep troubleshooting.  I didn’t need to esxtop basics so i was able to skip ahead a few modules and get to the stuff i wanted to see in it.

One thing i don’t know yet is if they will be available after VMworld via the projectnee portals.

For a listing of the labs you can go to this webpage or you can download a cool PDF of the labs.

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