Configuring iSCSI boot on a FlexPod

Here is a nice document to follow to configure iSCSI booting for a FlexPod, ie. UCS Blades, NetApp array & ESXi.

UPDATE: This document has the fix i found for ESXi 5.0.  This was tested on B230 M2’s and seems to work every time.

This document will be updated as i get new information.

FlexPod iSCSI Boot-Fixed

2 thoughts on “Configuring iSCSI boot on a FlexPod

  1. Hi Nic,

    I have done the setup as per the document but still not able to do iSCSI boot.Please suggest do i need to do some more on Nexus 5548 as well ?

  2. Unless your doing something like FCoE links from your NetApp to the 5548, then no you shouldn’t need to do anything special to the 5548.

    Some items to remember, you must make sure that the Overlay NIC has the vlan the iSCSI will talk over set to “Native” even if it isn’t the native VLAN. So if you made a Storage Network VLAN of 150, you must make sure the vNIC that is being overlayed has VLAN 150 set to Native. It is in the documentation.

    The other thing i found is that the igroups are easy to mistype.

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