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So for a while now i was “stuck” pretty much living in Southern California doing some interesting work, however it was slowing sending me to a dark place.

Anyway i am now back in PA and doing some pretty cool work lately. I will be writing a bunch of stuff again, and trying to update a lot of my older stuff.

I have been doing a lot of work on my own with ZFS which has been a BLAST!! I can get some pretty impressive IOPS out of just my little array at home.

I just did a UCS deployment for a 20,000 seat XenDesktop setup. They will be using the new Cisco Invicta array, which was Whiptail. Seems really cool, i’m trying to assist the customer with whatever they need, maybe get in on a whitepaper 🙂

I have a bake-off upcoming with a new NetApp 6280 vs a ZFS based Oracle array. This is Nerdtastic!! I’ll be doing a pretty deep writeup on this as prior around the test-cases and afterword as well with the results.

I am attending my first Cisco Live ever, and i have to say i haven’t been this excited for a conference in some time. I’d have to clone myself 3 times over to hit all the sessions i want to hit. Hopefully the outcome meets my expectations.