VMworld Day 2 Recap

Day two has come and past.  Today’s General Session was focused more at the end user space today.  Today was focused on the “Any Application/Any Device”. There were a couple of interesting announcements and some unexpected surprises. I will go into them at a high level for now.

Better Microsoft “partnership” and integration

For the first time a Microsoft Exec, Jim Alkove Corporate VP, joins onstage at VMworld.  Jim and Sanjay Poonen, EVP VMware, talk about the importance of Windows 10 and that they both are more focused on delivering on customer needs rather then focusing on corporate rivalries.  If this is in fact more truth then just for show that is pretty big.  MS and VMware are not going to just go away or leave the space.  There is a play for each and advantages to both.  The fact that they are willing to work together is pretty large.  Now only if VMware would do this with a certain large Networking company. 🙂

Project A Squared

Announced next was “Project A Squared”.  At a high level it is the combination of Airwatch (link provided in case you have no idea what that is) and AppVolumes.  This project allows application delivery to Windows 10 devices, including physical devices! The demo of it was pretty neat and something i absolutely want to check out.  But wait there’s more! Next up is Android and iOS app provisioning.  A-Squared not only provisions the apps but helps integrate them into real identity management with SSO capabilities.


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