vSphere 6 : vSphere Client is ALIVE!!

UPDATE: I have updated the below to fix the mis-information

There has been a long standing rumor that VMware is killing off the VIClient.  When the vSphere Beta orginally came out, i was bummed to see it missing.  It had been replaced with a very clunky and slow client, that looked a lot like the full Web Client.  Honestly, it was terrible and i was very disappointed.

I was very pleasantly surprised when i fired up the latest build of vSphere and clicked on the “Download vSphere Client” and the normal looking vSphere Client installed.  I was a bit excited, the icons looked the same as the old client i liked so much.  Sure enough, it looks the same and works the same as the old 5.5 client. That also means that in order to use new features you will need to use the Web Client.

3 thoughts on “vSphere 6 : vSphere Client is ALIVE!!

  1. vSphere 6 : vSphere Client is ALIVE!! should it be
    vSphere 6 : vSphere Client is DEAD 🙂

    Who is using standalone hosts in day-to-day operations…


    • When your vCenter is a VM and goes down for some reason, you still need a way of getting to it and other VMs. Its also still nice to use when your trying to do something quick.

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