Wednesday here at VMworld

Today is the third full day of VMworld.  So far things have been a whirlwind and i’ll admit i’m beat.  Coffee is becoming my best friend again after not drinking much of it in a while.

There has been a bunch of announcements over the past few days, the EVO product line being announced, VMware releasing VMware Openstack, improvements to the EUC space, discussion about vSphere 6.0 Beta, various updates of other products to 5.8 like SRM for one.

Today is my marathon session day.  I’m looking forward to them all.  I have sessions that deep dive on EVO:RAIL, Performance best practices around VSAN, a full End to End demo of VMware Openstack and a deep dive in increasing performance for those apps that need a bit more care when virtualizing.

Tonight is the VMworld party as well, which is usually a pretty good time, although a bit crowded.  I’ll admit i don’t know who the band is that is playing but they usually have somebody pretty good.

Anyway, i’m off to some sessions, i will be creating small posts around each of them, assuming they are as good as their title suggests.


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